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Daphne Camoens

The Treatment and care at Vaidhya Health Care was one of its kind. The patient my husband Kingsly Benjamin Camoens, when brought to Vaidya, was 90 per cent paralyzed and bedridden and I entirely entrusted him to Vaidhya team to take care of him and gradually his improvement has been up-to a remarkable 60 percent.
I appreciate the holistic approach shown to the patient, allopathy treatment for his hypertension and also the effort taken by Vaidhya hospital in obtaining expert consultation and treatment from Rajagiri Hospital. Such approach was an assurance that the patient was being well-taken care off.
I also appreciate the simplicity and courteous attitude and interaction of all Vaidhya staff including the cleaning staff.
The physiotherapy provided was excellent I was skeptical of the speech and acupuncture therapy. I fully agree with the introduction of such treatments and I could see the benefits of the same on the patient. It's very rare that you get all the treatments under one roof.
The hygiene and housekeeping of the hospital is excellent. The food was simple healthy and nitrous and exactly what a patient would require while going through treatment. The present optimistic and physical condition of my husband for which the credit goes to the entire Vaidhya team. I am extremely grateful to all the staff members especially Dr Kiran and Dr Rajeev.
Thank you all once again

Lee John

 Many thanks to you and your team for the very high standard of care and attention you gave to my mother who was suffering from low disc problem from past many years.  She was given IP treatment including Ayurvedic Panchakaram and Pysiotheraphy. My father and I are both very grateful for your hard work and professionalism, as well as the kind and sensitive manner in which you handled everything

MR.Sudhir K Sharma, Raipur

I had my son was suffering from Skin disease Psoriasis for past 10 years. He was under treatment in Vaidya Healthcare Hospital from last 1 month and would want to acknowledge & appreciate the help & support which has been extended by the Doctors & staff of Vaidya Healthcare Hospital. He was given medicated ghee and Emesis treatment which gave tremendous result in a very short span of time. Would like to thank all the individuals in Vaidya Healthcare Hospital for the efforts they taken to keep the patients fit & happy

George Pace, Canada

I was admitted for Knee joint/ Osteoarthritis. I would like to thank the entire team of docs who prepared me for the treatment & what was going to happen & the care given was beyond my expectation. I was made to feed like a small child feeling and get attention and care all the time. The nurses too were prompt, helpful, smiling at all hours. My stay in the hospital was a pleasure and I am indeed going to recommend the same to all who seek my opinion. It was a home away from home, not forgetting the food which was simple and tasty. The hygiene maintained attendant services were great too. There is not a single thing that I can point out for you to act upon.

Andrew Ralph, Kuwait

I struggled for years with my weight. I tried so many different diets and nothing seemed to work. I was been suggested bariatric surgery as I was suffering from morbid obesity. I am grateful to Vaidya Healthcare Hospital for helping me lose over 40 kilos and avoid surgery. And the best part was that I never had to starve to lose weight under the program. I am truly living a dream life now and feel wonderful! So happy I made the right choice! All people I had contact with seemed to genuinely love their job and it made me feel like I was in the safest hands. You should be very proud of all your staff. The nursing staff took time to explain any queries I had and to give reassurance when I felt very apprehensive. I couldnt have asked for better care.

Williams Federau,UK

I am very grateful to yourself and your team for the excellent support extended by you all during my treatment for Knee joint/ Osteoarthritis at Vaidya Healthcare Hospital for 21 days. I was suggested for a surgery but the excellent diagnosis and treatment coupled with your patience and kindness in treating me is extremely appreciable. It was very nice of you to have always gone out of your way and spend your time to explain the various procedures of the treatment and ensuring that I feel comfortable throughout my treatment. Now I am able to drive.

Veena, Ahmedabad

Excellent treatment for KNEE PAINS and homely disposition.

Veena, Ahmedabad 

Veer Kumar, Hyderabad

I was suffering from lower back problem since quite long time. To my luck I came to know about Vaidya Ayurveda through my friend and I have under gone Panchakarma treatment and during treatment I found very helpful. I strongly recommend as I could completely came out of my serious problem.

Veer Kumar, Hyderabad 

Shekar, Karnataka

I was suffering from lower back problem since quite long time.

To my luck I came to know about Vaidya Ayurveda through my friend and I have under gone Panchakarma treatment and during treatment I found very helpful. I strongly recommend as I could completely came out of my serious problem.

Suma, Hyderabad

Considerably large difference experienced in my spinal cord pain and legs. Great care taken by the therapy unit team. Constant observation of my pain and relief by Doctor helped me believe in what kind of therapy I am going through. Keeping track of medicines and daily discussions with direct Doctor was a great help.

Painlessness is now known to me, only after this treatment.

Rekha, Bangalore

We are married since Dec 2008. But were unable to conceive normally. With the help of medicines and induction we conceived twice but had a miscarriage both the times. After all these when we approached Vaidya Ayurveda, Doctor advised for Uttaravasti treatment. With the help of Uttaravasti we had a normal conception. There are no issues regarding pregnancy and it is going on smoothly.

We are really satisfied with the treatment we got here. Thank you

Prabhu, Mumbai

My rheumatoid arthritis ESR used to be 56 when I started therapy, and now for the past four years my ESR has been 4. Through therapy, my wife has significantly experienced a decrease in her back pain. While we thank you and your staff for the wonderful job you are doing, we praise God for providing Vaidya Ayurveda Hospital.

Margaret, United Kingdom

Friendly and competent staff, delicious South Indian food, exquisite weather and a marvelous healing atmosphere. Not only did I feel safe as a single woman, but truly cared for and warmly received as a guest. Highly recommended.

Rakesh, Bangalore

I came here with discomfort in the mind and mentally not pleasant. Today I am leaving this place with peaceful mind and healthy body. Thank you. I will visit again.

Abdullah Nasser,OMAN

i am a professional foot ball Referee. suffered an Anterior cruciate ligament injury at the right knee. Doctors from oman recommended for surgury. I decided to try alternative medicines and came to vaidya. I underwent ayurvedic treatments and physiotherapy for one month and got great relief in the swelling and range of movements.

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