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Treatment For Stroke(Paralysis )

What is it ?

Stroke is the term used to define a sudden loss of function in a part of the brain. Normally, that loss of function consequences in to difficulty moving an arm or leg (called paralysis). There might be loss of sensation or peculiar sensations in the affected areas.

stroke treatment in ernakulam, kerala

A stroke can also seem to associate with problems relating to vision or speech, or it may appear as convulsion. The loss of brain function occurs due to the sudden reduction of the blood supply to a part of the brain. The decreased blood supply can be due to blockage of the blood vessel by hardening and thickening of the vessel wall which is called as atherosclerosis or may be due to the rupture of the blood vessel with bleeding called hemorrhage. A paralysis can continuously damage the brain either by clotting around an obstruction or through hemorrhage.

Pakshaaghaata is an Ayurvedic term used for paralytic condition. The Ayurvedic texts generally trait such condition to a block in Vaatas movement. Vaidya Health Care provides best ayurvedic treatment for stroke and paralysis in kerala.

There are other types, known as transient ischemic attacks (TIA) which cause symptoms that lasts only for a short duration. The cause of such attacks is not known but is thought to be due to a contraction of a blood vessel to brain. A TIA has many forms, from a temporary change of vision to a short-term paralysis of limb. When brain tissue is damaged, it might recover fully, or partially or not at all. Recovery may be seen in a few hours, days, or over many months. The major causes are high blood pressure, family history, hardening of the arteries, and diabetes, obesity and smoker.

While there is slight chance that can be done to stop paralysis while it is happening, but there is much that can be done to diminish and treat the consequences.

Majority of people who endure a stroke do well in terms of living at home, moving independently and performing the normal daily activities. Hence, it can be said that having a stroke does not necessarily mean that the affected persons life is damaged.

Anti-vaata drugs like Ekaanga veera ras, Vaata chintaamani ras, Vaata gajaankush ras and many more are used to treat. In addition, a special medication called snehana which is a medicated oil application, nasya, pinda swedana and basti which is a special type of enema therapy helps to strengthen the muscle tissue and reestablishes the neuromuscular function. These therapies dismiss toxins from different channels. These help in clearing blockades and disturbances thereby increasing peripheral blood supply.

Classical panchakarma therapies are practiced in according to the condition of the patient. Here in Vaidya, we provide best Neuro Rehabilitation In Kerala.Various other effective modalities include thalam, nasyam, and vasthy. Internal medications are also of prime importance in regaining the lost function of the body and improve the quality of life.


Authored By: Dr. Kiran B Nair

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