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Orthopedic Treatment In Ayurveda

The Orthopedic clinic at Vaidya Ayurveda Hospital for orthopedic treatment in ayurveda is a fully integrated facility with a regular weekly Panel Consultation session with a team comprising of a senior Ayurvedic Physician and a Consultant Ortho Surgeon. One of the most prominent of the departments of the hospital, this department offers effective treatment for a whole range of ortho conditions.

Orthopedic Treatment In Ayurveda, ernakulam, kerala

The Department specializes in the non-surgical management of Ortho through Authentic Ayurvedic treatment coupled with Allopathy, Yoga, and Physiotherapy.

The department is fully equipped to provide state-of-the-art rehabliltation therapy to all the orthopedic patients. Vaidya provides Ortho Rehabilitation In Kerala. The initial consultation is with an Ayurvedic Physician highly experienced in handling Ortho problems, who would have a detailed case taking and may order for investigations like X-rays / MRI or blood tests to confirm the diagnosis or to evaluate the intensity of problem.

Authored By: Dr. Kiran B Nair

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