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De Addiction

VAIDYA HEALTHCARE HOSPITAL is one of the profound ayurvedic de addiction centres in kerala. We are proficient & skilled experts in various ayurvedic de addiction programs. We primarily bestow authentic ayurveda along with Yoga,  Acupressure, Medicinal Herbalism , Chiropractic and other holistic approaches for comprehensive and full fledged rehabilitation from addictions. The various ayurvedic de addiction programs offered by us are:

De Addiction centre in kerala

  • Alcohol De addiction program
  • Smoke De addiction program.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol Addiction is the uncontrollable use of alcohol which tampers individual's health, relationships and everything. A person mentally and physically addicted to alcohol craves for more alcohol. Several aspects measures the adversity of alcohol addiction:

  • Helplessness to quit from alcohol consumption or inability to control the overuse of alcohol.
  • More alcohol consumed for same effects.
  • Withdrawal symptoms includes sweating, shakiness and anxiety.
  • Giving up other activities to drink alcohol.
  • Reluctant to quit alcohol consumption even though it harms relationships

What is Smoking Addiction?

Characteristics of smoking addiction is irresistible smoking despite of negative health consequences. Smoking addiction increases the risk of smoking related diseases and cut downs the smokers life span. An addiction may be present if the person is:

  • Helpless to quit smoking or unable to control smoking
  • Exhibits withdrawal symptoms which includes shaky hands, sweating, irritability, or rapid heart rate
  • Smokes after every meal or after long periods of time without using.
  • More smoking to feel normal.
  • Give ups activities or wont attend events where smoking use is restricted.
  • Reluctant to quit smoking even though it harms personal health.


With the concurrence of patients family, the patient's health condition is evaluated and afterwards most appropriate treatment regimen is advised. Concisely the regimen involves ayurveda, yoga, physiotherapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, medicinal herbalism , chiropractic etc and also counselling. Each of these treatment therapies are scientifically proven to benefit positively and effectively of the patient's recovery.


During this sessions the prospected treatment would focus on panchakarma and rasayana therapies. These individualised treatment improves the addiction consequences. The core of Panchakarma treatments involves disposing the toxins from pre purification, main purification and post purification phases. Varied therapies and treatment procedures are sirodhara, takradhara, thalam, choorna sweda, Abhyanga, nasyam, virechanam, vasti. Rasyana therapies helps to refresh the body and improve doshas. Balanced and fibre rich food, intake of ayurveda oral medicines and tonic and a stress free life. Coffee and Tea etc intake should be reduced. Strict no to alcohol and cigarette.YOGA THERAPY This includes Asana, Pranayama, Relaxation techniques, Meditation, Kriyas. Yoga techniques and practices helps patient to face any health challenges like managing their condition, reducing symptoms, restoring balance and improve attitude.PHYSIOTHERAPY Patients acquire physical fitness sessions from professionally trained and certified instructors and ensure complete rehabilitation. Physical treatments aids in improving back pain, body pain, blood circulation and overall recovery through specialised exercises.

De addiction Program would require minimum 1 month to 3 months depending on the condition, age and other medical conditions. Recommended regular follow up sessions . The following treatment protocols involved are:


Authored By: Dr. Kiran B Nair

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