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Symptoms and causes of muscular dystrophy

Date :14-Nov-2019

Muscular Dystrophy,is the common name, for a group of diseases that cause weakness and loss of mass in the muscle structure. What happens is that, mutated or abnormal genes in the human body, hinder the production of proteins necessary for healthy muscle structure.

Muscular Dystrophy

They are of many types, most commonly occurring in males and in early childhood. There, unfortunately, is no cure for this disease. But, it can be slowed down and the symptoms managed with physical therapy and medication.
Progressively weakening of the muscles is one of the main symptoms of this disease. But, specific signs and symptoms,show up depending upon the type of the disease; type of the muscle and the age of the person.

What are the causes?

Each version/type of the this disease is caused by the mutation of a very specific gene involved in the protection of muscle fibers from damage. Many forms of this disease are inherited. But, some can occur during the early stages of pregnancy, and end up being inheritable diseases.

What are the risk factors?

This disease infects people, irrespective of age, race or sex. The most common version occurs in young males. As it is inheritable, it can keep occurring generation after generation.


Muscular Dystrophy
What are the possible health complications?

  1. Total loss of mobility, as the musculature progressively weakens. Use of wheelchair may be advised.
  2. Muscles around joints shorten, further reducing mobility. Problems with breathing, as the lung
  3. muscles weaken. This may necessitate the use of ventilator.
  4. The spine may curve, as the muscles may not be able to hold them up.
  5. Cardiac problem, as the heart is huge bunch of muscles.
  6. If throat muscles are affected, then nutritional problems and pneumonia may occur, which may make the use of feeding tubes necessary.

Blog reviewed by: Dr. Kiran B Nair
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