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Date :24-Mar-2018

Supranuclear Palsy is the brain disorder that affects the walking, balance, movement, speech, swallowing, vision, etc. Supranuclear Palsy is caused by the degeneration of the cells in the regions of the brain above the nuclei. This syndrome worsens over time and the complications like pneumonia can threaten the life. The main symptom of the disease includes the inability of the eyes to focus as required. This happens due to the inability of the muscles to correlate with the nerve impulses.

Are you too passing through the emotional and physical trauma of Supranuclear Palsy? Fear not for Vaidya Ayurvedic Healthcare is there for your console.

The treatment for Supranuclear palsy mainly comprises of the Panchakarma along with the balancing exercises. Ayurveda tries to treat the patients from the root level clearing all the symptoms and the reasons. The treatment, when continued over a period of 3 months, have proved to bring in the best results ever possible. We, Vaidya Ayurvedic Healthcare assures you the same. Virechana Karma, the prime detoxifying therapy is provided as a part of the Panchakarma therapy in order to expel the increased Pitta Dosha. Along with it, other Ayurvedic procedures like Mātrā basti, which is a type of sneha vasti- fat enema and Sirobasti- pooling of the medicated herbal oils in a compartment over the head. Along with these, the Ayurvedic palliative treatments can also help the patient acquire a fast recovery.

We, at Vaidya Ayurvedic Healthcare train the patients for special yoga practices too for gaining the balance and equilibrium for the body. The balancing exercises have a very important role in the treatment schedule of supranuclear palsy.

The treatment showed significant improvement in the balance, eye movements, neck rigidity, etc. Vaidya Ayurveda Healthcare aims to improve not only the physical health, but also the mental health too. We help you bring back your smile that you had forgotten once by providing the best supranuclear palsy treatment in Eranakulam. In the light of encouraging results obtained so far in for each patient at Vaidya Ayurveda Healthcare, we help and support each patient’s fast recovery and healthy life!

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