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Stroke Rehabilitation

Date :30-Sep-2020

We now know that a stroke takes place when broken or damages blood vessels and blood clots block the supply of blood to the brain. In some cases, a stroke can hinder the patient’s cognition, sensory and motor skills.

The aim of rehabilitation is to help patients in regaining their lost skills, relearning basic tasks and slowly but steadily working to be independent once again. It has been established that with dedicated rehabilitation, the prospects of the patient recovering can greatly improve.

There are certain factors that play an imperative role in the success of Stroke Rehabilitation:

  • Extent of the damage to the brain
  • Willpower and attitude of the survivor
  • Love and support from Family
  • Time taken to start with Rehabilitation

What all is involved in Stroke Rehabilitation?

The rehabilitation for a stroke survivor can not be limited to a single approach. Depending on the condition of the patient a combination of following may be planned:
1. Physical Activities:

  • Motor skill exercises
  • Mobility training using walkers, canes, wheelchairs
  • Constraint-Induced Therapy
  • Range-of-Motion Therapy
  • Functional Electric Stimulation

2. Cognitive and Emotional Activities

  •  Therapy for Cognitive Disorders
  •  Speech Therapy to regain speaking, listening and comprehension

3. Alternative Treatment
As per ‘ayurveda’ a stoke is ‘pakshaghata’ that is caused because of impairment of ‘vata-dosh’ that  is responsible for controlling motor and sensory activities. The internal medicines can greatly help in boosting blood supply. The natural antioxidants increase the amount of oxygen travel to the brain, helping it rejuvenate. Ayurvedic oils can help in restoring muscles functions in the affected body part. Our therapies are not just tried and tested across ages but they have also been proved to be very effective for stroke survivors.

At Vaidya health Care

Stroke recovery can often be a lengthy process and along with hard work and commitment, a lot of
patience is required too. At Vaidya health Care, we incorporate a comprehensive approach towards recovery and rehabilitation that will not only help the patient in recuperating lost function of the body but will also improve the quality of his life. Our highly experienced staff will provide the most compassionate care and hospitality.

Blog reviewed by: Dr. Kiran B Nair
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