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Are You Down With A Worse Sports Injury? - Anusastras For Your Help

Date :03-Jul-2018

It is not that the only people, who are into outdoor games and sports get a sports injury. It can occur to anyone, irrespective of age and gender. That is any random person who would love to engage himself/herself in physical exercises and other athletic activities. Nervous system and vascular system of the individual are badly affected by a sports injury although the pain can be acute to chronic. If someone has numbness or tingling in muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, it is quite advised that he needs to have a diagnosis for sports injury. It normally happens as a result of continuous wear and tear of bones in one’s body.

Ayurveda helps the person to increase his stamina, prevention of injuries, rehabilitation and recovery from the physical injuries with the aid of herbal medicines and yogic practices. Nowadays, sports injury treatment in Kerala is very much popular. Ayurveda sports injury management in Kerala offered by Vaidya Health Care Hospital is in a way outstanding for its holistic and quality services. The hospital with qualified personnel and caregivers help the patients in the process of long-standing healing too.

A Few Sports Injuries

  • Meniscal pain, Patellar pain, ACL Tear
  • Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Pain, Muscular cramps
  • Inflammation of biceps and Clavicle fracture
  • Golfers elbow, calf pain
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome and Metacarpal fractures

Vaidya Health Care is the one-stop destination to put an end to all these issues through Panchakarma techniques in order to refresh one’s body and mind.

Further Sports Injury Treatments by Vaidya Health Care

Ayurveda can provide internal medication and external therapy in such a way that early recovery and rehabilitation is there in store for them.
Internal Medication- Sushrutha and Ashtanga Hridaya help to alleviate pain and handle soft tissue injuries in a week of time.
External Therapies (Varmachikitsa, Anusastras and Physiotherapy) include-

  • Raktamoksha- inflammatory disorders
  • Kati or greeva vasti- fatigue syndrome, back and muscular pain
  • Bandhana- stabilize dislocation
  • Lepana, Upanaha, Aalepa- reduce swelling and promote healing of tissues
  • Pindasvedas- Agni karma and Anusastra Karma for musculo-skeletal pain

Out of which, Anusastra is very useful in for sports injury rehabilitation as a para surgical procedure. Some types of Anusastra Karma are:

  • Agnikarma- No further complications happens if, this procedure is carried out. This is a thermal, minimally invasive parasurgical procedure. Also, conditions such as slipped disk, tennis elbow, myofascial pain, tendonitis etc are cured.
  • Ksharakarma- Kshara is a substance obtained from the ashes of herbal plants. Many disease conditions like tolsolitis, skin keratopathys etc can be treated using Kshara which has no surgical complications such as stricture and stenosis.
  • Ksharasutra Therapy- It is used for the treatment of anorectal disorder and is too cost effective.
    Siravyadha (bloodletting)- The veins of the affected part is punctured in order to drain out blood. Dental disorders and glaucoma are treated using this method.
  • Leach Therapy- Leaches are used to ooze out the impure blood and allows normal circulation of the blood. The treatment of rheumatic disease and thrombosis are done.

The advantages of Ayurveda over other modern medicines for sports injury are correction of dislocation and disability, alleviation of pain and improving bodily functions. Also, they are done using Njavara kizhi, and Elakizhi.

For strengthening and the proper functioning of the joints, the above-mentioned therapies are very much mandatory too. Vaidya Health Care Hospital is always there for everyone who wants a full-fledged treatment and is, therefore, recognized as the best unit for athletic injury management in Kerala.

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