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Can Ayurveda help in curing an ACL tear!

Date :23-Oct-2017

Overstretching or tearing of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament(ACL) causes Anterior Ligament injury. This injury may be partial or complete. The occurrence of the tear is due to the very hard hit on the side of the knee. ACL tear also occurs when bones of the leg twist in opposite direction under full body weight.This is a type of sports injury. Sports injuries occur due to continuous wear and tear.

Panchakarma treatment is one of the remedies available for this curing this condition. One can avail the treatment from Vaidya Ayurveda Hospital, Kochi, Kerala. They are specialized in the areas of ACL pain, ligament injuries, recurrent dislocations, back injuries, hip injuries, injury to the shoulder, foot and ankle injuries, injuries to the neck, shin and calf injuries.

Symptoms Of an ACL Tear

  • Knee swelling within 6 hours of injury
  • Pain
  • A popping sound at the time of injury

After ACL Tear Injury

  • Not to move around until it is completely healed
  • Return to normal activities only after the treatment.


Preventive Measures

Use of knee braces during athletic activities that include vigorous activities.

Ayurveda ACL Tear Treatments 

According to Ayurveda, complications like inflammation and immobility are responses of the body when a sudden injury occurs.

Bandages or Bandhana is one of the procedures for sports injury management. ACL treatment is safe with Vaidya Ayurveda Hospital Kochi, Kerala. A dedicated team of doctors and impeccable hospitality is the reason behind the immense success of this hospital. They are proficient in Ayurvedic sports injury management in Kerala.

The treatment includes internal medicines which are made up according to the formulations of Sushruta and ashtanga hridaya. These treatments are very effective in handling soft tissue injuries. External therapies include upanaha, lepana, massages,njavara kizhi, and elakizhi. Varmachikistha is a special treatment for joints function and mobility. Anusastras include agnikarma and rakthamoksha. Physiotherapy along with some Ayurvedic treatments accelerate the rate of healing.

To know more about Ayurveda Acl treatments and sports injury management in Kerala,

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