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Ayurveda Treatment For An Acl Tear

Date :26-Nov-2018

One of the most common knee injuries is ACL or anterior cruciate ligament tear or sprain. Football, basketball and soccer player are more likely to get injured in this ligament. Generally, surgery is the only option left to cure such ligament. But Ayurveda has a different approach towards such sports injury.

Ayurveda believes in curing the diseases from within without any surgery or blood loss. The disease occurs in the body due to 2 factors, aganthu or the outside, ninja or the inside of the body. Sports injury is the result of a sudden immense impact on the body which leads to immobility and other responses from the body. When a person is involved in an extremely strenuous physical activity, the anterior cruciate ligament often gets torn.

Ayurvedic approach towards ACL tears

Knee ligaments and tendons are the most affected part of sports injury. Ayurvedic therapies and techniques help the ligaments to get cured from within with the help of the following:

• Physiotherapy
• Herbal natural medicines like Sushrutha and ashtanga hridaya for increasing the immunity system.
• External therapies to enable mobility of the affected part. This includes applying lepanas, massages with essential oils, upanaha and many more.
• Varmachiktisa
• Anusastras

Why Ayurveda Is Better Than Other Medical Treatments?

Ayurveda is something that has proved to give effective results from ancient times. As the techniques and materials used for treatment are being followed from decades, they are 100% natural and yet highly effective. In the case of sports injury, physiotherapy has proved to create wonders. The right postures and exercise bring mobility in the joints. Also, the lepanas and the herbs reduce the pain to a great extent and slowly improves the functioning of the affected areas.

acl tear treatment in Kerala

Best Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala

Vaidya Healthcare Hospital is one of the most renowned hospitals in India that practices Ayurveda successful for more than a decade. We provide the best Ayurveda ACL tear treatment in Kerala that has proved to give better results than surgery. We also provide other types of sports rehabilitation in Kerala at a very affordable rate. So without any surgery or high dosage medications, you are getting your joints and ligaments cured at an affordable price!

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