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Date :14-Oct-2016

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair los

Hair loss is a common problem today, Many of people suggests ayurvedic therapy for hair loss than other treatments. If you are ready to treat your hair loss early you can reduce or stop it completely. According to ayurveda hair growth is directly related to the body toxins which are mainly classified into three vata, Pitta and Kapha.  More amount of pitta toxin will leads to hair loss. Diet, meditation yoga, herbal oil massage are the main treatments for hair fall in ayurveda.

Human hair is composed with 51% Carbon, 21% Oxygen, 17% Nitrogen, 6% Hydrogen, 5% Sulphur.

Foods for Hair Growth

Many of herbs and spices are there to increase our hair hair growth they are the following

  • Black pepper:  It is a very important spice used in ayurveda. Sanskrit name of black pepper is marich. This spice is essential for promoting the well functioning of digestive functions and blood circulation.   
  • Coriander: It is an important spice used to regulate the pitta associated toxins in our body. Excess amount of pitta will leads to hair loss so it is important to include this spice in your food.
  • Fennel :The balance of dhosha inside the body is easily corrected by regular intake of fennel. 
  • Ginger : Used for promoting healthy blood flow ginger is an ayurvedic spice seldom used for treating hair loss and promoting hair growth.
  • Sesame: Sesame seeds are often recommended as treatment for hair loss. because they are rich in magnesium and calcium.
  • Saffron: It is an ayurvedic spice that promote tissue growth.

    Tips for Hair Growth

Drink plenty water, Do daily exercise to lose toxins, stay always happy and stress free. These activities will helps you to prevent your hair fall and make sure that you include Vitamin C in your diet for the absorption of zinc and iron.

Vaidya Ayurveda hospital offers best ayurvedic treatment for hair fall in kerala it is very effective and no side effects.

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