Date :14-Oct-2016

Ayurvedic Treatment For Parkinsons Disease

Parkinson's disease affects the motor system and it is a disorder related to central nervous system. The reason for parkinson's disease is the death of dopamine generating cells in the mid brain, however the reason for this cell death is unknown. The decreased amount of dopamine production will lead the person unable to control his movements. As the dopamine is related to movements, the most common symptoms of parkinson's disease is related to movement disorders. Commonly parkinson's disease is seen in aged people and rarely seen in young people. parkinson's disease which seen in young people is known as young onset PD.

Symptoms of parkinson's Disease

    Movements will become slow, especially in the starting such movements like walking or rolling in bed
    Facial expressions will decrease and eye blinking will become low
    swallowing problems are seen in later stages
    Speech changes and writing changes are also noticed

Ayurvedic treatment for parkinson's disease

All ayurvedic treatments are based on the fact that diseases arises due to the imbalance of "Thridosha" namely which are Vata,pitha,kapha. Ayurveda found parkinson's disease in ancient times and denoted it as "Kampavata", "Kampa" means shaking of body. The medications for parkinson's disease is described in "charaka samhitha" and its clear that Ayurveda mentioned it as an important disease. In ayurvedic treatment for parkinson disease, full body is treated with herbal medicines and medicated oils. Ayurvedic cleansing procedures like panchakarma and body massage with medicated oils are also used to maintain good blood flow and reproducing the damaged cells. However the complete cure from parkinson's  disease is not possible but the condition of patient will be improvement and a good co-ordination between body and mind can be maintained.

At Vaidya health care hospital, We have departments in Yoga, Naturopathy, Holistic medicine,Acupuncture and Physiotherapy. Treatments from all these departments are used to ensure the wellness of patient. In addition to controlling the symptoms of parkinson's disease, we also arrest the further progression of PD. Allopathic medications can also be combined with our treatments, However a patient in initial stage before starting the allopathic medications will get better results.

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