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Kshara Soothram

Kshara Soothram therapy is a minimal invasive parasurgical procedure performed for the management of anorectal disorders such as hemorrhoids, fistula in anus and fissure in anus. Kshara Soothram therapy is a completely established Ayurvedic procedure that is safe and cost effective in treating the painful anorectal conditions. Kshara Soothram therapy used a thread or probe that is coated with various combinations of medications that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial property, antislough agents, and chemical curetting agents and with a ph level towards the alkaline side. These features help in simultaneous cutting, curretting, draining and healing of the tissues in the anorectal canal.

Procedure for Kshara Soothram treatment therapy

The mode of Kshara Soothram treatment slightly varies for each particular anorectal condition. The doctor initiates the procedure by administering a dose of local anesthesia to the patient to relax the muscles and body. A flexible probe is passed through the anal canal and gently taken out through anal opening to outside to form a groove of the probe and both ends of the Kshara Sutra are tied together. The medication or coating in the probe is released in slow phase and simultaneously cuts, curettes, drains and heals the fissure, fistula or hemorrhoids in the anal passage. The probe is replaced after an interval of one week with a new thread. This may continue for up to 5 weeks during which the abnormality is cut and healed.

Ayurvedic mechanism of action of Kshara Sutra also destroys and removes unhealthy tissue and promotes healing of the anal track. This method of treatment controls infection by the microbicidal action of the probe and separates the debris and cleans the wound.

Advantages of Kshara Sutra Therapy

  • Simple and safe ayurvedic parasurgical procedure
  • Out Patient Treatment
  • Performed under local anesthesia with no pain and discomfort during the procedure
  • Cost-effective and ambulatory.
  • Reduces the risk of infection and recurrence
  • No surgical complications like incontinence and stenosis
  • It is an Out Patient Treatment
  • Faster healing and recovery from the condition within 3 to 5 days

General Advices after Kshar Sutra Therapy:

At Vaidya Ayurveda hospital, along with the treatment therapy patients are advised strictly to follow a customized diet plan that includes fibre containing diet and vegetables with plenty of water. The doctor tailors the meal plan to avoid the consumptions of food that can cause constipation and to clear the bowel regularly without any excess strain on the muscles that enables bowel movement. Regular physical activity with less strain such like walking is required to improve the blood circulation to all extremities of the body. Patients are also advised to avoid prolonged sitting that cam apply pressure on the area. The anal region should be kept hygiene and do proper dressing during the course of treatment.

Vaidya Ayurveda hospital offers safe and effective ayurvedic treatment options to patients who are diagnosed with anorectal disorders through complete natural and ayurvedic procedures that help recover and prevent the reoccurrence of the condition. To know more about Kshara Soothram treatment and treatment costs, book an appointment now.

Authored By: Dr. Kiran B Nair

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