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The inner portion of the anus contains a number of small glands. When one of these glands becomes infected, a tunnel is formed connecting the infected gland to an opening on the skin around the anus developing a fistula. The infected gland becomes filled in pus causing extreme pain, fatigue and discharge

Causes of fistula in anus

Numerous factors can lead to the development of fistula in anus and these include:

  • Bacterial infection and collection of pus near the anus (anal abscess)  
  • Inflammation of digestive system   
  • Infection of colon 
  • Abscesses and scarring 
  • Severe medical conditions like tuberculosis, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome
  • Previous surgery near the anus 
  • A tumor near the anus

Symptoms of anal fistulas

Fistula in anus causes signs and symptoms including:

  • Throbbing pain after prolonged sitting
  •  Irritation or burning sensation around the anus
  •  Swelling and tenderness in the anus 
  •  Discharge of pus or blood
  •  Constipation 
  •  Pain during bowel movements    
  •  Fever and fatigue

 Ayurvedic treatment of fistula in anus

Ayurveda offers effective treatment methodology for treating fistula in anus. Vaidya ayurvedic hospital has successfully treated patients diagnosed with fistula in anus providing instant relief and minimal chances for reoccurrence of the condition. According to Ayurveda, vitiation of any three of the dosha in the body is responsible for any disorder in the system. Our treatment plan aims at pacifiying all the vitiated doshas in the body and rejuvenates the system at cellular level through customized ayurvedic treatment procedures and lifestyle modifictaions. The treatment approaches includes Ksharasoothram and Kshara karma therapy that are minimally invasive and offers a faster healing and recovery period. The method involves using a seton thread seasoned with a combination of herbal medication that collectively performs the cutting, curetting, draining, and cleaning the infected fistulous track and promotes faster healing of the anal canal.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia to reduce the pain and discomfort. The kshara sutra is inserted into the anal tract and tied to form a loop. The chemical action from the herbs coated on the thread throughout the length of the track works by cutting, curetting, draining, cleansing and healing the infected track for around 7 days. The method is repeated and the thread is replaced and may be change up to 5 times depending on the severity of the condition.

Advantages of Ksharasoothram and Kshara karma Therapy to treat fistula in anus

  • Safe, effective and minimally invasive procedure   
  • Cost-effective treatment appraoch
  • Reduce the chances for recurrence and infection 
  • No side effects
  • Faster healing and recovery from the condition

    At Vaidya Ayurvedic Hospital, we offer safe and effective ayurvedic treatment approaches for patients suffering from fistula in anus and also ensure the prevention of reoccurrence of fistula in anus. Our expert panel of ayurvedic specialist’s provides a unique inclusive experience for the patients to relieve pain and discomfort caused by any severe medical condition. To know more about ayurvedic treatment options for fistula in anus and treatment cost, book an appointment now.


Authored By: Dr. Kiran B Nair

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